Friday, September 21, 2018

Top 11 Best Books in Psychology

1. Owning Your Own Shadow: Understanding the Dark Side of the Psyche
by Robert Johnson
This 119-page book provides the best explanation of the personal shadow that you can find in print. The shadow represents all the parts of ourselves that we’re unknowingly cut off or divorced from. And these disowned parts are what drives most of our behavior outside of our awareness. Many of the ideas in Owning Your Own Shadow inspired my guide on getting on shadow work.

2. Man’s Search for Meaningby Viktor E. Frankl

I can’t imagine a list of the best psychology books not including Frankl’s classic. I first read Man’s Search for Meaning in my early 20s. But it didn’t mean anything to me until rereading it in my mid-30s. Frankl’s observations as a captive in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II are instructive for every human being. All readers will gain a new perspective on their lives and what drives them after reading this book.

3. Games People Play: The Basic Handbook of Transactional Analysisby Eric Berne
Berne’s classic from the 60s is still highly relevant today. Transactional analysis examines human behavior through a social lens. Berne highlights that in social relationships, individuals embody one of three different expressions of the ego: the adult, the parent, and the child. The adult is rational, the parent is critical and nurturing, the child is dependent and intuitive. All three expressions are in each of us and different social situations trigger different ones and in specific combinations. Games People Play is a fascinating read if you’re interested in social dynamics and if you want to become more conscious of your behavior.

4. He: Understanding Masculine Psychologyby Robert Johnson
Every man should read He. In 82 pages, Johnson explains masculine psychology through the mythology of King Arthur and the Grail legend. I’m not sure I would have understood it in my 20s or early 30s. I’ve read this book at least six times in my 30s alone. I appreciate He more and more as I get older. Every woman who wants to understand the masculine psyche will benefit from this book too.

5. She: Understanding Feminine Psychologyby Robert Johnson
In this concise 80-page book, Johnson breaks down feminine psychology through the myths of Psyche, Eros and Aphrodite. Reading She with He illuminates how the psyche of men and women are fundamentally different. A handy guide.

6. We: Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love
by Robert Johnson
How can you even attempt to be in a relationship without reading We? We are all so programmed with ideas about romantic love from stories, films, and the media, that human relating is barely possible. Johnson deconstructs romantic love through the myth of Tristan and Iseult. Johnson’s We is a must-read book for anyone attempting to have a conscious relationship or marriage. Incredibly sobering and instructive.

7. King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculineby Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette
Wow! If you want to understand human behavior, read this book (commonly referred to as KWML). KWML a wild ride into the psyche. You’ll meet the full cast of characters, but the real story isn’t about the Big Four mentioned in the title, but their bipolar shadow counterparts. It’s in getting to know and understand these darker archetypes that we begin to appreciate the forces that rule most of human behavior. For anyone interested in psychology and human behavior, put KWML on your list.

8. Start Where You Are: A Guide to Compassionate Livingby Pema Chodren
As far as Western psychology has come in the last 120 years or so, Eastern psychology is thousands of years older. Start Where You Are is based on what’s called Lojong that’s at least 300 years old. This mind training practice is based on 59 slogans or aphorism that demonstrate the brilliance of Buddhist psychology. And Chodren, a Western Buddhist teacher, does a beautiful job explaining the meaning behind these aphorisms.

9. Self-Therapy: A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Wholeness and Healing Your Inner Child Using IFSby Jay Earley
When we deny this fact, these parts rule us. When we accept this, we can learn to understand and harmonize the characters within our psyche. Self-Therapy is based on a more modern integrative therapy called Internal Family Systems (or IFS). It guides you step-by-step through a process of working with your parts. My guide on the psychology of archetypes provides a basis for using this manual.

10. The Wisdom of the Enneagram: The Complete Guide to Psychological and Spiritual Growth for the Nine Personality Typesby Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson
In two decades of personal coaching, I’ve explored most, if not all, the psychological assessments on the market (Myers-Briggs, DISC, etc.). From my perspective, the Enneagram is the most robust and functional personality model. And of the many books I’ve read on this psychological system, The Wisdom of the Enneagram this one is the most practical and accessible.

11. Inner Gold: Understanding Psychological Projectionby Robert Johnson
I based my guide on psychological projection on this little book about how we tend to project the best parts of ourselves onto others. This process occurs unconsciously, so we need to become aware of what we’re doing first before we can take back our projections and own our true power. Inner Gold will show you the way.

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Top 5 Books To Read Before You Die

1. Managing Oneself
Managing Oneself

If you haven’t read any self-help book yet, or if you are getting confused about which book should you start with? then you can start with this book “MANAGING ONESELF” because it is a small book which is quite easy and simple to read. And things that are explained in this book are really very important and amazing. By reading it, you will come to know many facts and insights about yourself, which will truly help you to grow ahead in your life. Author of this Book Peter Ducker is a management consultant. He is a teacher and author of many management books, his books are now days used worldwide for management courses. In this book author has explained us very nicely and properly about how we can make the best use of our self and how we can move ahead in life by managing the most important asset that we have which is “yourself”.

2. Rich dad poor dad
Rich dad poor dad

This was the first self-help book, which I read, and trust me it made a very positive impact on my life and on my mentality, after which my desire of reading books increased dramatically which eventually made many great changes in my life, hence I will suggest you read this book for sure, if you want you can start with this book also rather the “MANAGING ONESELF” as this book also is an easy to read and interesting. In this book author Robert Kiyosaki is giving us some very important financial advice by giving his life examples, where he is saying that he had two fathers,  One was his real father who was a professor and was a poor dad, whereas his second father was his friend’s father, who was his rich dad, and in this book his rich dad is teaching him how to become successful and rich, and how by following the principles and teachings of this rich dad the author himself become a millionaire

3. Start with WHY
Start with Why

Well, I will not say that it is the best book to start with, but yes the core message of this book is really very important and beneficial for beginners. In this book, the author explains us, why we should concentrate more on WHY ??? Instead of HOW ? and WHAT? Many people keep asking me different questions like sir what should I do? How can I score good marks? How can I do this or that and many ask what should I do in life? But according to the author, this is not the first question that they should ask for others instead it is much much better if they ask “themselves” first “WHY”?
The most common problem now days is, people don’t know why they want what they want?  Their WHY’S are not clear. WHY do they want to score good marks? Do they seriously need good marks for a better job or they just want to earn money, Because see we can earn good money through the job that we are thinking, but the fact is that there are various other options today through which they can earn money, so WHY to do same things that all the others are doing, which is difficult as well, WHY to do something which isn’t making you feel good? WHY can’t you earn money by doing something you like or love? Why ? If we will clarify the WHY first then it will make the WHAT ? and HOW? very easy trust me. and this book will surely help you with it.

4. How to win friends and influence people
How to Win Friends and Influence People

It is said that 75% of success for a person is dependent on their social and communication skills, Even if he is from the technical field. Which I believe my friend is absolutely true, and I believe that this book will be best to start improving your social skills because in this book Dale Carnage has explained many useful concepts by using beautiful stories for each of them, you will definitely have fun while reading this book, Dale Carnegie is one of my favorite authors and once you read his books then you will come to know why I am saying so. so do read this book, Trust me you will definitely thank me later for recommending this book,

5. The power of habits
The power of habits

You can’t control your future, it’s true!!  but you can control your habits, and a person who learns to control his habits, that person eventually can to a certain extent control his future too, Your habits are the most powerful weapon that you have, which can help you stand longer in the war of life, and it can also help you win many wars, hence try to be more cautious towards its, From this book you will learn how to form new good habits and how to replace your bad habits with good ones, because it’s a fact, that it is difficult to form a good habit, but once formed it will make your life easy and comfortable, on the other hand forming bad habits are very easy but ones formed they will make your life very difficult, Hence through this book learn forming good habits, In this book AUTHOR Charles Duhigg has explained many great principles that are of great value (using his 8 years of research). He has explained how habits are formed, about the cycle of cue, routine and reward and how you can change your habit by changing the loop of the routine.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Introduction to Machine Learning || Week 1: Assignment 1: Solutions

1. Which ONE of the following are regression tasks?
A) Predict the age of a person
B) Predict the country from where the person comes from
C) Predict whether the price of petroleum will increase tomorrow
D) Predict whether a document is related to science
Answer: A

2. Which of the following are classification tasks? (Mark all that apply)
A) Find the gender of a person by analyzing his writing style
B) Predict the price of a house based on floor area, number of rooms etc.
C) Predict whether there will be abnormally heavy rainfall next year
D) Predict the number of copies of a book that will be sold this month
Answer: A, C

3. Which of the following are examples of unsupervised learning?
A) Group news articles based on text similarity
B) Make clusters of books on similar topics in a library
C) Filter out spam emails
D) Segment online customers into two classes based on their age group – below 25 or above 25
Answer: A, B

4. Which of these are categorical features?
A) Height of a person
B) Price of petroleum
C) Mother tongue of a person
D) Amount of rainfall in a day
Answer: C

5. Validation set is used for testing the generalization performance of a learning algorithm:
A) T
B) F
Answer: A

6. Which one of the following functions has the highest bias?
A. Linear model
B. Quadratic model
C. Decision tree
Answer. A

7. The variance in an existing model can be reduced by ________ training data. (Choose the appropriate
option for filling the
A. Decreasing
B. Increasing
Answer. B

8. We always wish to make sure that our model performs well in the real world when presented with
cases that it has not encountered before. Hence we make sure the ________ is low. (Choose the
appropriate option for filling the blank):
A. Bias
B. Variance
Answer: B

9. I am the marketing consultant of a leading e-commerce website. I have been given a task of making a
system that recommends products to users based on their activity on Facebook. I realize that userinterests
could be highly variable. Hence I decide to
a. First, cluster the users into communities of like-minded people and
b. Second, train separate models for each community to predict which product category
(e.g. electronic gadgets, cosmetics, etc) would be the most relevant to that community.
The first task is a/an ______________ learning problem while the second is a/an
________________ problem.
Choose from the options:
A. Supervised and unsupervised
B. Unsupervised and supervised
C. Supervised and supervised
D. Unsupervised and unsupervised
Answer. B

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